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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter Replacement

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  • Filter Types – Blue Colour (Economic Version)
  • Filter Types – Green Colour (Formaldehyde/Enhanced Version)
  • Filter Types – Purple Colour (Antibacterial Version)
  • Suitable for Original Xiaomi OLED Display Smart Air Purifier 2S / Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier / Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 / Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro


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  • Filter Types – Blue Colour (Economic Version)

This version is an EPA (Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that’s able to trap particles that’re 0.3 microns in size. Essentially you can consider this as the standard default filter. This is the filter that’s mostly likely included in every Mi Air Purifier.

Xiaomi Mi 3 Layer Air Purifier Filter

  • Filter Types – Green Colour (Formaldehyde/Enhanced Version)

This filter is designed to target Formaldehyde. According to the CDC, ‘Formaldehyde is a common chemical that can be emitted from a number of products in the home. Smoking, pressed wood, and particle board have all been shown to be sources of formaldehyde. Higher formaldehyde levels are usually found in newer homes or homes with new construction.’

On the Xiaomi website, this filter is advertised as a H11-grade HEPA filter that filters up to 99.3% of 0.3 microns. If we go by the EN1822 standard, you will see that this filter doesn’t meet the HEPA standard today. This is because the updated EN1822 standard has now categorized H11 as E11 making this filter EPA and not HEPA. Granted, this filter was released a while back in 2015 so the HEPA definition would have stood still then.

Genuine Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter Enhanced Version

  • Filter Types – Purple Colour (Antibacterial Version)

Effectively eliminates bacteria, dust mites, PM2.5 particles in the air. With specially designed antibacterial layer, it can effectively kill the bacteria. Quadruple purification effect with brilliant absorption ability.

Filter Types – Purple Colour

Original Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 1 Pro Filter Air Cleaner Filter Smart Removing Hcho Formaldehyde Antibacterial

1 Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter Replacement

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm

Blue, Green, Purple


Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter Replacement

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